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The strategic partnership agreements signed between the two sides have helped boost their bilateral cooperation.

In the area of infrastructure for instance, China has supported the Republic of Congo to achieve its basic infrastructure development program.

Such projects include the construction of a 500 km road linking Pointe Noire to Brazzaville, Maya Maya airport in Brazzaville, 120 MW Imboulou hydroelectric dam and Liouesso power station (19MW), water production units, and roads linking the country to its neighbouring states such as Gabon.

The Nkombe agricultural pilot center, Mpila housing units and Mfilou Sino-Congo Friendship Hospital are additions to the long list of achievements under the Republic of Congo and China cooperation.

Estonia is a not yet a popular European golfing destination but according to the Estonian Golf Association, they currently have nine courses and plans are afoot to extend existing courses from 9 to 18 holes and build new ones.

Clearly golf is at the beginning in Estonia but the sport is starting to interest the nation.

Watch out for the witches and ghosts, especially during the White Lady Festival where Estonia’s most famous ghost is said to appear…

quite fitting for a country with such fascinating eccentricity.

Amuzati refuses to tell his story unless he's paid.

In 2009, several non-governmental organizations including HRW and Amnesty International (AI) reported that the rape of males in the DRC was systematic, and on the increase.

The majority of the rapes have been carried out by militias, such as the Lord's Resistance Army, the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, the Mai-Mai and the Congrès national pour la défense du peuple.

The United Nations Security Council denounced the "cannibal rebels" and sent a peacekeeping force.

The uneasy peace across much of the country after five years of civil war is largely a myth.

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