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It’s one of the reasons why you have gamed as much as you have, and this has to do with a chemical in your brain called dopamine.In the brain, dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter — a chemical released by nerve cells to send signals to other nerve cells. This explains why when you play games, the type of stimulation you receive is so much different than what you experience in other activities (and why you can find other activities to be boring in comparison.) That doesn’t mean other activities are actually boring or that you don’t enjoy them, it just means that the type of stimulation in games is different than the type of stimulation in other activities.HOSTS/PRESENTATIONS BY: Carol Malin, Certified Personal Trainer & Kristi D.Price, Matchmaker and Personal Coach SCHEDULE: am Introductions am: Rejuvenate (relaxation/breathing techniques) am: Clear your past (let go of the sad memories through forgiveness and confidence building exercises) am: Creat the life you love!” and “I enjoyed speaking with you today, Scorpio Sarah.” Want to read the rest of this article? Get ready to start the next amazing chapter of your life!You could make one or two green smoothies on a detox day.1 red grapefruit (peeled) 1 banana (peeled) 2-3 cups dandelion greens or kale 1 cup water (more as needed – and try coconut water also if you like) Simple, easy and maybe a little spicy (especially if you use dandelion greens)!

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Authored by Bernard Zeitler After Detox: The Next 90 Days is a book to help those in recovery from addiction work on changing the way they think.The brain includes several distinct dopamine systems, one of which plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior. I’m not going to make a villain out of game designers, but games are designed, intentionally, with the best practices of gamification and reward-motivated psychology.They are designed to get you (and keep you) hooked.For the first few days (or even weeks depending on your situation) you tend to have no energy and your mood sucks. When you quit gaming there are many changes that will happen in your life, and these can happen in both your physiology and your environment.You may get irritated easily, experience headaches, or even have dreams about games. These changes happen because your brain responds to gaming in specific ways.

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