Error validating active directory user

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I cannot therefore see which emails are being let through and which are blacklisted!! Could not bind to path "LDAP://DC=servername, DC=local".

All our incoming emails comming throught the ORF filter are being marked with "error" in the severity colunm (ie where it normally says "pass" or "blacklisted", etc... Robert Hi There The message is: Error validating the recipient "[email protected]" (source: Active Directory).

LDAPAuthenticator:pool-3-thread-1) Jan 31 server.marathon[5373]: Cache Loader$Invalid Cache Load Exception: Cache Loader returned null for key Auth Key.

Jan 31 server.marathon[5373]: at Local Cache$And Record Stats(Local Jan 31 server.marathon[5373]: at

To fix this, you should set the correct credentials: 1. Expand Configuration / Tests / Recipient Validation 3.

Click "Configure selected" under "Validation source: Microsoft Active Directory" 4.

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