Etiquette dating texting

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As texting becomes our primary form of communication, the art of texting, for better or worse, has become a crucial part of dating.

It’s now highly possible that your second (or even first) impression is dictated by a conversation through text.

Given texting importance, here are several texting tips to help get you through the introduction/pursuing phase of a relationship: Emojis are kind of a big deal now.

The “face with tears of joy” emoji was announced as the “Word of the Year” by the Oxford Dictionary in 2015. They can be used to convey emotion through otherwise dry texts, making sure the reader interprets the message the way you intended.

Don’t make yourself look desperate by texting her again five minutes later if she doesn’t reply. Maybe she’s doing dishes, hanging out with friends, etc.

, eighteenth-century men and women courted each other by attending balls and writing letters.

Today, men and women court each other by signing up for and sending text messages. Darcy has too much pride to express any of his feelings to Elizabeth Bennet.

Elizabeth faced this conflict without text messaging, television, and the computer to contend with. Darcy had tried expressing his feelings in a text message (and no, I'm not suggesting a modern-day update to this classic). Nowadays, technology is aiding in the demise of many relationships before they even get started.

The romanticism in a text message would have been lost, sending Elizabeth into the arms of (gasp! Because the cell phone, computer, and other electronics are such a big part of people's lives, they become a big part of the dating scheme.

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