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Skype says that you’ll simply and then tap “Send Money” to go through the process.

Of course, you’ll need to attach your Pay Pal account, but that should be simple do and may only require a quick sign-in.

Skype and Pay Pal announced today that they have teamed up to allow easy, in-the-moment payments between Skype users.

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Simply touch the Camera key along the bottom row of icons and choose whether you wish to display the Front Camera, Back Camera or No Camera on the screen.To send money through the app, you'll need to have the latest version, but the person receiving the money can have any version of Skype.You'll both have to have Pay Pal accounts and live in one of the 22 countries where Send Money is currently supported.You’ll need the newest version of Skype in order to get going. On a related note, I can’t help but applaud Pay Pal for all of their recent announcements surrounding mobile payments and integrations with other apps.As one of the internet’s pioneers in this area, they sure took a long time jumping onto platforms like Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

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